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    • Molecular ruler mechanism and interfacial catalysis of the integral membrane acyltransferase PatA 

      Anso, Itxaso; Basso, Luis G. M.; Wang, Lei; Marina, Alberto; Páez Pérez, Edgar Daniel; Jager, Christian; Gavotto, Floriane; Tersa, Montse; Perrone, Sebastian; Contreras, F-Xabier; Prandi, Jacques; Gilleron, Martine; Linster, Carole L.; Corzana, Francisco; Lowary, Todd L.; Trastoy, Beatriz; Guerin, Marcelo E. (AAAS, 2021)
      "Glycolipids are prominent components of bacterial membranes that play critical roles not only in maintaining the structural integrity of the cell but also in modulating host-pathogen interactions. PatA is an essential ...