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    • Physiological concentrations of zinc have dual effects on P2X myenteric receptors of guinea pig 

      Méndez Barredo, Liliana Hortencia; Rodríguez Meléndez, Jessica Gabriela; Gómez Coronado, Karen Sarahí; Guerrero Alba, Raquel; Valdez Morales, Eduardo Emmanuel; Espinosa Luna, Rosa; Barajas Espinosa, Alma Rosa; Barajas López, Carlos (Springer, 2018)
      "We, hereby, characterize the pharmacological effects of physiological concentrations of Zinc on native myenteric P2X receptors from guinea-pig small intestine and on P2X2 isoforms present in most myenteric neurons. This ...
    • Recreating intestinal peristalsis in the petri dish 

      Espinosa Luna, Rosa; Barajas Espinosa, Alma Rosa; Ochoa Cortés, Fernando; Barajas López, Carlos (Humana Press Inc, 2017)
      "Here we describe a culture technique of cells dissociated from the external muscularis of the guinea pig small intestine, which allows us to maintain all the elements involved in the intestinal peristaltic reflex. After ...