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    • Purinergic signaling pathway in human olfactory neuronal precursor cells 

      Solís Chagoyan, Héctor; Flores Soto, Edgar; Valdés Tovar, Marcela; Cercós, Montserrat G.; Calixto, Eduardo; Montaño, Luis M.; Barajas López, Carlos; Sommer, Bettina; Aquino Galvez, Arnoldo; Trueta, Citlali; Benítez King, Gloria Acacia (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2019)
      "Extracellular ATP and trophic factors released by exocytosis modulate in vivo proliferation, migration, and differentiation in multipotent stem cells (MpSC); however, the purinoceptors mediating this signaling remain ...