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    • A competent catalytic active site is necessary for substrate induced dimer assembly in triosephosphate isomerase 

      Jiménez Sandoval, Pedro; Vique Sánchez, José Luis; López Hidalgo, Marisol; Velázquez Juárez, Gilberto; Díaz Quezada, Corina; Arroyo Navarro, Luis Fernando; Montero Morán, Gabriela Margarita; Fattori, Juliana; Díaz Salazar, Alma Jessica; Rudiño Piñera, Enrique; Sotelo Mundo, Rogerio Rafael; Migliorini Figueira, Ana Carolina; Lara González, Samuel; Benítez Cardoza, Claudia Guadalupe; Brieba de Castro, Luis Gabriel (Elsevier, 2017)
      "The protozoan parasite Trichomonas vaginalis contains two nearly identical triosephosphate isomerases (TvTIMs) that dissociate into stable monomers and dimerize upon substrate binding. Herein, we compare the role of the ...
    • Structural insights into the IgE mediated responses induced by the allergens Hev b 8 and Zea m 12 in their dimeric forms 

      Mares Mejía, Israel; Martínez Caballero, Siseth; Garay Canales, Claudia; Cano Sánchez, Patricia; Torres Larios, Alfredo; Lara González, Samuel; Ortega, Enrique; Rodriguez Romero, Adela (2016-09)
      "Oligomerization of allergens plays an important role in IgE-mediated reactions, as effective crosslinking of IgE-Fc epsilon RI complexes on the cell membrane is dependent on the number of exposed B-cell epitopes in a ...