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    • Toxicological Screening of Four Bioactive Citroflavonoids: In Vitro, In Vivo, and In Silico Approaches 

      Ortiz Andrade, Rolffy Ruben; Araujo León, Jesús Alfredo; Sánchez Recillas, Amanda; Navarrete Vázquez, Juan Gabriel; González Sánchez, Avel Adolfo; Hidalgo Figueroa, Sergio Nemorio; Alonso Castro, Angel Josabab; Aranda González, Irma; Hernández Núñez, Emanuel; Coral Martínez, Tania Isolina; Sánchez Salgado, Juan Carlos; Yáñez Pérez, Victor; Lucio Garcia, Monica Arely (MDPI, 2020)
      "Many studies describe different pharmacological effects of flavonoids on experimental animals and humans. Nevertheless, few ones are confirming the safety of these compounds for therapeutic purposes. This study aimed to ...