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    • Mechanisms of fasting-mediated protection against renal injury and fibrosis development after ischemic acute kidney injury 

      Rojas Morales, Pedro; Tapia Rodríguez, Edilia; León Contreras, Juan Carlos; González Reyes, Susana; Jiménez Osorio, Angélica Saraí; Trujillo Silva, Daniela Joyce; Pavón Martínez, Natalia Ismene; Granados Pineda, Jessica; Hernández Pando, Rogelio Enrique; Sánchez Lozada, Laura Gabriela; Osorio Alonso, Horacio; Pedraza Chaverri, José (MDPI, 2019)
      "Ischemia-reperfusion injury of the kidney may lead to renal fibrosis through a combination of several mechanisms. We recently demonstrated that fasting protects the rat kidney against oxidative stress and mitochondrial ...