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    • Anaerobic methane oxidation driven by microbial reduction of natural organic matter in a tropical wetland 

      Valenzuela Reyes, Edgardo Iván; Prieto Davó, Alejandra; López Lozano, Nguyen Esmeralda; Hernández Eligio, José Alberto; Vega Alvarado, Leticia; Juárez López, Katy; García González, Ana Sarahí; López Pérez, Mercedes Guadalupe; Cervantes Carrillo, Francisco Javier (2017-06)
      "Wetlands constitute the main natural source of methane on Earth due to their high content of natural organic matter (NOM), but key drivers, such as electron acceptors, supporting methanotrophic activities in these habitats ...
    • Humic Substances Mediate Anaerobic Methane Oxidation Linked to Nitrous Oxide Reduction in Wetland Sediments 

      Valenzuela Reyes, Edgardo Iván; Padilla Loma, Claudia; Gómez Hernández, Nicolás; López Lozano, Nguyen Esmeralda; Casas Flores, J. Sergio; Cervantes Carrillo, Francisco Javier (Frontiers Media S.A., 2020)
      "Humic substances are redox-active organic molecules, which play pivotal roles in several biogeochemical cycles due to their electron-transferring capacity involving multiple abiotic and microbial transformations. Based ...
    • Temporal and spatial variation of waterbirds at Sayula Lagoon, Jalisco, Mexico: a five-year winter season study 

      Güitrón López, María Marcela; Huerta Martínez, Francisco Martín; Báez Montes, Oscar; Estrada Sillas, Yadira Fabiola; Chapa Vargas, Leonardo (Museu de Ciencies Naturals, 2018)
      "Wetlands in central Mexico are important habitats for assemblages of migratory and resident birds. To study variation in richness and abundance of waterbirds, we conducted monthly observations in 30 permanent plots ...