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    • Loop formation in graphitic nanoribbon edges using furnace heating or Joule heating 

      Jia, Xiaoting; Campos Delgado, Jessica Rosaura; Gracia Espino, Edgar Eduardo; Hofmann, Mario; Muramatsu, Hiroyukim; Kim, Yoong Ahm; Hayashi, Takuya; Endo, Morinobu; Kong, Jing; Terrones Maldonado, Mauricio; Dresselhaus, Mildred (2009-07)
      "Here the authors report the use of either furnace heating or Joule heating to pacify the exposed graphene edges by loop formation in a novel graphitic nanoribbon material, grown by chemical vapor deposition. The edge ...
    • Synthesis of protonated titanate nanotubes tailored by the washing step: Effect upon acid properties and photocatalytic activity 

      Camposeco Solís, Roberto; Castillo, Salvador; Mejía Centeno, Isidro; Navarret, Juan Manuel; Nava, Noel E.; Rodríguez González, Vicente (2017)
      "In this work, the acid and photocatalytic properties of titanate nanotubes (NTs) were surveyed. The surface acidity of the NTs was characterized by FTIR with lutidine and pyridine. The photocatalytic degradation of phenol ...