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    • Magnetic properties of Fe nanoclusters: ab initio calculations of FeN N = 9,15, 27, 51, and 59 

      López Laurrabaquio, Guadalupe; Pérez Alvarez, Mario; Montejano Carrizales, Juan Martín; Aguilera Granja, Juan Faustino; Morán López, José Luis (Sociedad Mexicana de Física, A. C., 2006)
      "The magnetic properties of iron clusters (FeN, N = 9, 15, 27, 51, and 59 atoms) at T = 0 K with bcc–like structure and bulk parameters are studied using ab initio methods. In these studies we consider the spin–orbit ...
    • New advances in magnetic nanostructures 

      Morán López, José Luis (2007)
      "Some of the new developments on magnetic nanostructures are reviewed. The advances on the synthesis, characterization, and understanding of magnetic nanoclusters, magnetic nanowires and single molecule magnets are discussed. ...