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    • A standard microcontroller based Discrete-Time PI for controlling the motion of a DC-Gearmotor 

      Hernández Rosales, Crescencio; Femat Flores, Alejandro Ricardo; Ruíz Velázquez, Eduardo; Solís Perales, Gualberto Celestino; Hernández Rosales, Crescencio (2005-05)
      "This paper shows how the INTEL© D8751 H microcontroller can be used to control the motion of a DC-Gearmotor. One advantage of this design is that does not require external memory RAM/EPROM to perform the control of the ...
    • Complex discrete dynamics and its structures in bioinspired systems 

      Solís Perales, Gualberto Celestino; Femat Flores, Alejandro Ricardo; Wong, Kwok-Wo; Campos Cantón, Eric (2013)
    • Lie algebra on synchronization of different systems: a generalized function for Hodgkin-Huxley neurons 

      Barajas Ramírez, Juan Gonzalo; Femat Flores, Alejandro Ricardo; Solís Perales, Gualberto Celestino (2007)
      "In this contribution two results are taken: (1) The synchronization of noiseless Hodgkin- Huxley (HH) neurons is possible from robust feedback based on Lie algebra approaches and (2) the fact that, from Lie algebra of ...
    • Multiscroll attractors by switching systems 

      Campos Cantón, Eric; Barajas Ramírez, Juan Gonzalo; Solís Perales, Gualberto Celestino; Femat Flores, Alejandro Ricardo (2010)
      "In this paper, we present a class of three-dimensional dynamical systems having multiscrolls which we call unstable dissipative systems (UDSs). The UDSs are dissipative in one of its components but unstable in the other ...
    • Stabilization of a class of biomedical systems via stability preservation 

      Solís Perales, Gualberto Celestino; Ruíz Velázquez, Eduardo; Femat Flores, Alejandro Ricardo; Fernández Anaya, Guillermo (2008)
      "We present a method for stabilization of a class of nonlinear systems. The notion of stability preservation is exploited to prove that a transformation allows to find a stabilizer. The nonlinear systems have uncontrollable ...
    • Synchronization of chaotic systems with different order 

      Femat Flores, Alejandro Ricardo; Solís Perales, Gualberto Celestino (2002-03)
      "The chaotic synchronization of third-order systems and second-order driven oscillator is studied in this paper. Such a problem is related to synchronization of strictly different chaotic systems. We show that dynamical ...
    • Una aproximación algebraica de observabilidad para un sistema de diabetes mínimo 

      Solís Perales, Gualberto Celestino; Aguilar López, Ricardo; Femat Flores, Alejandro Ricardo; Martínez Guerra, Rafael (2008)
      "La observabilidad de estados mediante la disponibilidad de un conjunto de entradas y salidas es un tema que, en concepto, es relativamente simple y como es sabido, para sistemas lineales está satisfactoriamente estudiado. ...