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    • A novel approach to generate attractors with a high number of scrolls 

      Echenausía Monroy, José Luis; Huerta Cuellar, Guillermo (Elsevier, 2020)
      "In this paper, a novel method for increasing the number of scrolls in a hybrid nonlinear switching system is presented. Using the definition of the “Round to the Nearest Integer Function”, as a generalization of a Piece-Wise ...
    • Electronic implementation dataset to monoparametric control the number of scrolls generated 

      Echenausía Monroy, José Luis; García López, Juan Hugo; Jaimes Reátegui, Rider; Huerta Cuellar, Guillermo (Elsevier, 2020)
      "The increasing usage of chaotic systems in the development of security systems, from mobile surveillance devices to the implementation of secure communication systems, leads to devising analog electronic implementations ...
    • Multistability Emergence through Fractional-Order-Derivatives in a PWL Multi-Scroll System 

      Echenausía Monroy, José Luis; Huerta Cuellar, Guillermo; Jaimes Reátegui, Rider; García López, Juan Hugo; Aboites, Vicente; Cassal Quiroga, Bahia Betzavet; Gilardi Velázquez, Héctor Eduardo (MDPI, 2020)
      "In this paper, the emergence of multistable behavior through the use of fractional-order-derivatives in a Piece-Wise Linear (PWL) multi-scroll generator is presented. Using the integration-order as a bifurcation parameter, ...