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    • Dynamical equivalence in chemical reaction networks 

      Méndez González, José Martín (2012)
      "El dogma fundamental de la cinética química establece que puede existir más de una red de reacción química (RRQ) que explique los datos experimentales. Más aún, las RRQ validadas experimentalmente no necesariamente son ...
    • Multistability in a prion replication interconnected cell reaction network 

      Méndez González, José Martín; Otero Muras, Irene (International Federation of Automatic Control, 2018)
      "Aggregation of misfolded proteins has been implicated in a number of neurodegenerative disorders including prion disease. In spite of intensive research, the detailed mechanisms of protein misfolding leading to protein ...
    • Steady state equivalence among autocatalytic peroxidase-oxidase reactions 

      Méndez González, José Martín; Femat Flores, Alejandro Ricardo (2016-12)
      "Peroxidase-oxidase is an enzymatic reaction that can exhibit dynamical scenarios such as bistability, sustained oscillations, and Shilnikov chaos. In this work, we apply the chemical reaction network theory approach to ...