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    • Estimating entropy rate from censored symbolic time series: A test for time-irreversibility 

      Salgado García, Raúl; Maldonado Ahumada, César Octavio; 000 (American Institute of Physics, 2021)
      "In this work, we introduce a method for estimating the entropy rate and the entropy production rate from a finite symbolic time series. From the point of view of statistics, estimating entropy from a finite series can be ...
    • Freezing phase transition in a fractal potential 

      Maldonado Ahumada, César Octavio; Salgado García, Raúl; 000 (IOP Publishing, 2019)
      "In this work we propose a simple example of a one-dimensional thermodynamic system where non-interacting particles are allowed to move over the [0, 1] interval, which are influenced by a potential with a fractal structure. ...