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Phthalates and bisphenols migration in Mexican food cans and plastic food containers

dc.contributor.authorGonzález Castro, Martha Irene
dc.contributor.authorOlea Serrano, Fatima
dc.contributor.authorRivas Velasco, Ana
dc.contributor.authorMedina Rivero, Emilio
dc.contributor.authorOrdoñez Acevedo, Leandro Gabriel
dc.contributor.authorDe León Rodríguez, Antonio
dc.identifier.citationGonzález-Castro, M.I., Olea-Serrano, M.F., Rivas-Velasco, A.M. et al. Bull Environ Contam Toxicol (2011) 86: 627.
dc.description.abstract"The presence of endocrine disruptors bisphenol-A, bisphenol-A-dimethacrylate, bisphenol-A-diglycidyl-ether, phthalic-acid, dibutyl-phthalate, diethyl-phthalate and dioctyl-phthalate was determined in vegetable cans, baby bottles and microwaveable containers from the Mexican market. Gas-Chromatography-Mass-Spectrometry was used for the identification and High-Performance-Liquid-Chromatography with UV/Visible light and fluorescence detectors was used for the quantification. Endocrine disruptors were found in all samples. PA and DOP were the substances most commonly found, and maximum concentrations were 9.549 and 0.664 μg/kg, respectively from a jalapeno peppers can. Bisphenol A, phthalic-acid, bisphenol-A-dimethacrylate, bisphenol-A-diglycidyl-ether, dioctyl-phtalate and dibutyl-phthalate were found in baby bottles and microwaveable containers."
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional
dc.subjectBaby bottles
dc.subjectEndocrine disruptor
dc.titlePhthalates and bisphenols migration in Mexican food cans and plastic food containers
dc.rights.accessAcceso Abierto

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional
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