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Shopping for Ecological Indices? On the Use of Incidence-Based Species Compositional Similarity Measures

dc.contributor.authorMacGregor Fors, Ian
dc.contributor.authorEscobar Sarria, Federico
dc.contributor.authorEscobar Ibáñez, Juan Fernando
dc.contributor.authorMesa Sierra, Natalia
dc.contributor.authorAlvarado Roberto, Fredy Alexander
dc.contributor.authorRueda Hernández, Rafael
dc.contributor.authorMoreno Ortega, Claudia Elizabeth
dc.contributor.authorFalfán, Ina
dc.contributor.authorCorro Méndez, Erick Joaquín
dc.contributor.authorPineda Arredondo, Eduardo O.
dc.contributor.authorBourg, Amandine
dc.contributor.authorAguilar López, José Luis
dc.identifier.citationMacGregor-Fors, I.; Escobar, F.; Escobar-Ibáñez, J.F.; Mesa-Sierra, N.; Alvarado, F.; Rueda-Hernández, R.; Moreno, C.E.; Falfán, I.; Corro, E.J.; Pineda, E.; Bourg, A.; Aguilar-López, J.L.; Dáttilo, W. Shopping for Ecological Indices? On the Use of Incidence-Based Species Compositional Similarity Measures. Diversity 2022, 14, 384.
dc.description.abstract"β-diversity has been under continuous debate, with a current need to better understand the way in which a new wave of measures work. We assessed the results of 12 incidence-based β-diversity indices. Our results of gradual species composition overlap between paired assemblages considering progressive differences in species richness show the following: (i) four indices (β-2, β-3, β-3.s, and βr) should be used cautiously given that results with no shared species retrieve results that could be misinterpreted; (ii) all measures conceived specifically as partitioned components of species compositional dissimilarities ought to be used as such and not as independent measures per se; (iii) the non-linear response of some indices to gradual species composition overlap should be interpreted carefully, and further analysis using their results as dependent variables should be performed cautiously; and (iv) two metrics (βsim and βsor) behave predictably and linearly to gradual species composition overlap. We encourage ecologists using measures of β-diversity to fully understand their mathematical nature and type of results under the scenario to be used in order to avoid inappropriate and misleading inferences."
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional
dc.subjectBeta diversity
dc.subjectRichness difference
dc.subjectSpecies turnover
dc.titleShopping for Ecological Indices? On the Use of Incidence-Based Species Compositional Similarity Measures
dc.rights.accessAcceso Abierto

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional
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