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    • Wastewater Contaminated with Hydrazine as Scavenger Agent for Hydrogen Production by Cu/Ti Nanostructures 

      Hinojosa Reyes, Mariana; Camposeco Solís, Roberto; Rodríguez González, Vicente (MDPI, 2021)
      "Cu/Ti photocatalysts were prepared by the sol-gel process with different copper loadings (1.0, 2.5, and 5.0 wt.%) and then thermally treated at several calcination temperatures from 400 to 600 °C. The materials were ...
    • Water splitting behavior of copper-cerium oxide nanorods and nanocubes using hydrazine as a scavenging agent 

      Clavijo Chaparro, Lorena S.; Hernández Gordillo, Agileo; Camposeco Solís, Roberto; Rodríguez González, Vicente (Elsevier, 2016)
      "A one-step microwave synthesis using neither a template surfactant nor strong molar NaOH concentrations is reported. Well shaped nanorod and nanocube CeO2 structures were achieved in 0.5 and 4 h at a maximum irradiation ...
    • Wave transmission through periodic, quasiperiodic, and random one-dimensional finite lattices 

      Gutiérrez Medina, Braulio (2013-02)
      "The quantum mechanical transmission probability is calculated for one-dimensional finite lattices with three types of potentials: periodic, quasiperiodic, and random. When the number of lattice sites included in the ...
    • Wavelet characterization of hyper-chaotic time series 

      Murguía, José; Rosu Barbus, Haret-Codratian; Reyes López, Luis Eduardo; Mejía Carlos, Marcela; Vargas Olmos, Cecilia (Sociedad Mexicana de Física, A.C., 2018)
      A wavelet scaling numerical characterization of time series based on the variance of the wavelet coefficients is used for three well-known four-dimensional and one five-dimensional hyper-chaotic systems. We report several ...
    • Wavelet multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis of encryption and decryption matrices 

      Murguía, José; Mejía Carlos, Marcela; Vargas Olmos, Cecilia; Ramírez Torres, Marco Tulio; Rosu Barbus, Haret-Codratian (2013)
      "In this paper, we study in detail the multifractal features of the main matrices of an encryption system based on a rule-90 cellular automaton. For this purpose we consider the scaling method known as the wavelet transform ...
    • What TripAdvisor Can´t Tell: Crowdsourcing Urban Impressions for Whole Cities 

      Gatica Pérez, Daniel; Ruíz Correa, Salvador; Santani, Darshan (L'Oeil d'Or, 2016)
      "In the context of a number of emerging opportunities for citizen participation in Latin America, we present an overview of the SenseCityVity project developed in Mexico. The project goals are the design, implementation, ...
    • Words for nobel prizes 

      Rosu Barbus, Haret-Codratian (2003)
      "We present the statistics of the significant nouns and adjectives of social impact figuring in the nominations of the Nobel prizes in Physics and Chemistry over the period of the awards from 1901 to 2001."
    • Wrinkled nitrogen-doped carbon belts 

      Fajardo Díaz, Juan Luis; López Urías, Florentino; Muñoz Sandoval, Emilio (2018)
      "Graphene, carbon nanotubes, and fullerenes are nanomaterials with outstanding properties such as electrical, thermal, mechanical strength, flexibility, and high surface area. These nanomaterials are used as building blocks ...